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Balloon Ride in Japan


Let's Enjoy !
Sky Walking in Tochigi, Japan.

We go up up to 3,000ft in this area.

You may see Mt.Fuji, Sky tree and beautiful mountains around from the top of the sky.

It will be AMAZING experience for you ! 

ex-World Hot Air Balloon Pilot will guide you.


Flight hour:45min

Time required : 4Hour


Adults                      ¥33,000/person

less than 6years old ¥22,000/person


4 adults / group

Optional Service

Drone shot


Take a video while slowly circling around the balloon you are boarding.

All the data taken will be sent by e-mail after the experience.
*Due to flight restrictions, this is only possible during takeoff.
*We will hand over the photographed data as it is without editing.

We offer the following optional services so that you can record your memorable hot air balloon flight with magnificent scenery.


Drone shot + Video edit


A plan that adds “video editing” for the “drone shooting service”.

In addition to the video taken with the drone, we will edit it into one video and give it to you!

Image video from here:

* Please note that the composition and structure of the shooting will be different each time.