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Balloon Ride in Japan

Let's Enjoy !
Sky Walking in Tochigi, Japan.

We clime up up to 3,000ft in this area.
You may see Mt.Fuji, Sky tree and beautiful mountains around from the top of the sky.
It will be AMAZING experience for you ! 

ex-World Hot Air Balloon Champion will guide you.


Flight hour:45min

Time required : 4Hour


Adults                      ¥36,000/person

less than 6years old ¥24,000/person

※12/23~1/5 : +¥2,000 for each price


4 adults / group

Optional Service

Drone shot


Take a video while slowly circling around the balloon you are boarding.

All the data taken will be sent by e-mail after the experience.
*Due to flight restrictions, this is only possible during takeoff.
*We will hand over the photographed data as it is without editing.

We offer the following optional services so that you can record your memorable hot air balloon flight with magnificent scenery.


Drone shot + Video edit


A plan that adds “video editing” for the “drone shooting service”.

In addition to the video taken with the drone, we will edit it into one video and give it to you!

Image video from here:

* Please note that the composition and structure of the shooting will be different each time.

Balloon Flight Plan

flight detail

Flow of this experience

Meet up

We will meet HERE around 4:00 or 6:00 in the morning.


* The meeting time will be fixed after booking as it depends on the time of sunrise. It will be 4:30-5:30 in spring and summer, 5:30-6:30 in the autumn and winter.


Prepare the hot air balloon together to fly!


Take Off

When the hot air balloon stands up, you will be asked to board the basket.The basket floats softly, it's time to take off.


Enjoy your flight

Enjoy a walk in the air for about 45 minutes.

* Please note that the flight time may vary depending on the situation.


Landing is the final adventure of Balloon Flight.

After landing, we will fold the ball and put the equipment in the car together.


We will give you a souvenir of Balloon Flight and toast to celebrate the flight. When the toast is over, it will be disbanded.


Hot air balloons are sensitive to the weather and cannot fly in the event of rain or strong winds (wind speeds of 3m/s or higher).


Please refrain from participation at the time of poor health.


Please be sure to read before making a reservation


We will inform you about the weather forecast status 3 days before the reservation and decide whether or not to implement it the day before.


For your safety, please follow the instructions of the pilot and staff.


Even if you meet on the day , the flight may be canceled because it is judged to be "dangerous" based on the local situation.


Please refrain from smoking as it uses propane gas as fuel and may catch fire.


Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, illnesses, etc. that occur when attached to this service.


Please wear clothes that are suitable for the outdoors and have little exposed skin. Especially shoes can get dirty.


cancellation policy


* Reservations will be "confirmed" as soon as payment is confirmed.

* The number of participants is 2 or more.

[Schedule change after reservation]

It is possible to change the schedule up to one week in advance. Subsequent schedule changes cannot be accepted.

[Cancellation due to customer's convenience after reservation]

A cancellation fee will be charged as follows.

8 days or more ago :     0%

7 to 5 days ago        :   30%

4 to 2 days ago        :   50%

1 day ago ~ Today  : 100%

[If the event is not possible or canceled due to the weather]

We will ask you about the schedule change within one year at the timing of the cancellation.

However, we cannot guarantee accommodation and transportation expenses.




How cold is it up there?

​What should I wear?


Can I go to the toilet?


Do you have any hotel recommendations?

I would like to stay in the hotel night before.


The temperature in the air is not much different from that on the ground.

On the morning of the experience day, it is okay if you come on the ground in clothes that are not cold.

Please come in clothes that are easy to move in and that you don't mind getting dirty.


There is a convenience store (Seven-Eleven Family Mart) near the meeting place. Please finish before the meeting as much as possible.

You can also use the toilet in Fujioka Sports Park near the meeting place.


Please note that you cannot go to the toilet for about 45 minutes during the free flight.


For guests who wish to stay overnight at a hotel, we recommend a business hotel near JR Koga Station.

Also, ourAccommodation at the clubhouseWe also accept orders, so please contact us for details.

We will depart together from the clubhouse in the morning.

Book Balloon Flight

Please apply from here.

PUKAPUKA will contact you as it will be a tentative reservation.

Balloon Ride Booking Request

Thanks for sending booking request! we will contact you ASAP :)

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